Tuesday, April 20, 2010

something i tell myself often. i thought id share.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring has Sprung

We are so excited to annouce that we have seen the sure signs of Spring at the Francis house! Now that its so nice we can leave our front foor open, and we were quick to learn that it is Otto's favorite place to be. He stays there all day watching the cars and people go by!

Also I am so excited because the Tulips and flowers in our yard are begining to BLOOM! I am so happy to see the sure signs of spring here with its wonderful colors and smells!

and of course Easter! We had a wonderful relaxing eatster that we spend with lots of family, we started off at my Granppa and Grandma Lloyds (who live here is Sugar House) wished them a Happy Easter listened to the morning sesion with them, then we went to my parents and listened to more confrence, found our baskets that the easter bunny hid and colored Easter Eggs, we then went to Matts wonderful Aunt Kitoras for a yummy easter dinner with all of his large family there and then we ended at our second familys home (they arent really family but pretty much) Dave and Leslie Mckinnons! It was a perfectly crazy holiday filled with family, Just like we like it here in the Francis home!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crazy life at the Francis House

So i know it has been awhile the Francis' family has been craziness!
Matt has been juggling school ,work and recently been very involved in his new business that he is getting started. I am so proud he got his business licence and found there retail space and we are very excited about that! We cant wait for it to open!
This last month we moved into a wonderfuly cute home up in the Avenues which we adore! It is right on 6th Ave and close to everything downtown. I will have to post pictures as soon as i can. It has alot of character and and old charm, not to mention Otto loves his huge backyard!
I started a new job but after a few months realized that i am not a 9 hr a day, cubicle ,office kinda girl! haha Who would have even guessed right? ;)
I have really been missing my BFF, so a few Tuesdays ago Matt decided it would be good for us to go and see her! We flew in to Long Beach about noon on Wen and had a wonderful day with a rented Convertable in the sun, shopping on Venice Beach lunch at Lemonade (delicious) and a night out in west Hollywood! Then returning back to Salt Lake by 10 am Thursday! It was quick but wonderful!

This last Thursday Matt and I decided we needed to get down to AZ to visit Matts parents and soak up some sun while it was snowing here! So Friday we jumped in the car and drove down! It was so incredibly nice to be in warm weather and with good company! We wish we could go down there every otehr weekend! We miss his Family aton and it was so great to see them! Otto swam in the pool for his first time and he loved it!

Even tho the life here at the Francis' has been crazy we love our life and couldnt ask for better friends and family and are greatful for everything we have!
A soon as i get more pictures ill post them ASAP!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A warm Christmas

Since i have been very spoiled through this whole year i couldnt really come up with anything that i wanted this Christmas! So my amazing husband knew exactly what i needed, you guessed it another vacation! He knows that i love to travel and hate the snow so got me to a beach for the holiday! The only other thing after that i could have asked for was to be with my family (Everyone needs to be with family for the holiday) So being as blessed as I am my Dad and Matt made that happen! Not only did i get to go to a beach for Christmas but my entire family got a cruise for Christmas!! It was the most incredible Christmas gift i could have gotten! We were gone for nine days in the beautiful sun of Ixtapa, Acapulco and Manzanillo Mexico! We had such a blast sailing, jeeping, eating and of course relaxing!I hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas also

Matty's Christmas Present

Merry Christmas Matt!

Matt was such a good boy this year

he got exactly what he asked for!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So its been a while since i have written but since Matt and I celebrated our One Year Anniversary! We went up and stayed at an incredible place on main street in ParkCity for a long weekend!
I know everyone says this but i cant believe it has been a year, it literaly flew by! We had such a crazy first year of marriage. This year we have had some really hard times, a few sad times, but mostly great times!Looking back everything we went through only brought us closer and made us stronger which i am so greatful for it all!

Between the 2 of us we have had...
7 job changes
2 moves,
sold 2 cars,
bought 2 new cars,
been on a cruise to Mexico,
been to Aruba,
been on another 9 day cruise to Mexico,
found out we were pregnant,
had a very hard ectopic pregnancy,
been to Orlando,
been to Vegas twice,
been to AZ
have been back and forth to the hospital multiple times for tests (to many times to count
over 20 hair color changes,
4 concerts,
and Adopted our little puppy blessing named Otto!

And i can say i wouldnt have wanted to go through any of it with out my wonderful husband Matt whom i love so so much and am blessed to say is mine!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanks; were it isnt given enough.

As it gets closer to Thanksgiving i have really been thinking of every thing that i am greatful for. The next few days i am gonna be listing some of those things, but as i thought of everything i was blessed to have in my life the one blessing that i thought was that i couldnt have most of this list if it wasnt for the amazing and free country that i live in; the USA. I am so very blessed and greatful to not only to have close family members and friends who serve for our country each and every day but people who dont even know me out risking their own lives fighting for my families own freedom. I am also greaful for the wives of our military who keep our soliders strong and support them! Thankyou. This and this is a video that helps show that perfectly.